Ladies, come on. It is almost 2017 and we are still telling the skinny girl to eat a cheeseburger and the curvy girl to hit the treadmill? We are still body shaming?

I have three words for you:

Are you serious?

I got really hot and bothered this morning when I saw an ad on social media featuring a supermodel for an athletic company. It wasn’t the photo that bothered me – but the comments were unbelievable.

Half the women commenting said this model was too skinny and obviously unhealthy.

The other half said that if you’re bigger than this model you are fat and unhealthy.

I was completely shocked that body shaming is still so alive and well.

Again, are you serious?

Skinny. Fat. Newsflash! If you’re a human you have skin and you also have fat. It’s a body. This is normal. We are all very skinny and very fatty!

I don’t care what you look like. Body shaming is never okay.

I find it really ironic that if a thin woman calls a large woman fat – it is the meanest thing that could possibly be said and you’re an asshole. (which I agree, your probably are an asshole)

On the flip side, if a curvier woman calls a thin woman is too skinny and anorexic – it’s whatever. No one is supposed to take offense to that. (you’re probably not nice either)

And ladies, neither scenario is okay! The only time you should be concerned with someone’s figure is if you have legitimate reason to believe they are harming themselves with their eating habits (whether too little or too much).

If your friend goes on a diet and loses 15 pounds, applaud her until there is actual cause for worry. Build her up.

If your friend gains the freshman 15 (or 20, or 30) give them a break, until there is actual cause for worry. Build her up.

Some women are naturally really thin. Some women are naturally really curvy. Some women like to be thin. Some women like to be curvy. And no woman should judge another woman on that!

Don’t you think women have enough to worry about? We really don’t need other women coming at us for our bodies. We really don’t need other women publicly shaming another woman’s body. We really don’t need to tear each other down. That is a choice and you don’t have to be a part of it.


A body is just a body. It is where you live while you’re on this earth and if you have a beautiful heart – chances are you are viewed as beautiful.

Be better for your friends, your daughters, your nieces. Better for you. Place value on character.

I am asking you to cheer on other women and not base worth off of a body. Women are so much more than just a body.

Don’t you think?



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