Dream and Achieve in 2017

Dream and Achieve in 2017

It’s that time of year, and no matter how many times you criticize those who make an outlandish goal for this year – you know you’re wondering what you can reach for this year, too. Am I right? Am I right?

I am gonna go out on a limb and say that I am right. I hear a lot of goals like the following:

  • Lose weight
  • Make more money
  • Be a better person
  • Find true love
  • Adventure more

I don’t doubt at all that you can do all the above and more. But what I do doubt, is that you will do them without a game plan.

You can tell me that you’re gonna lose 100 pounds this year until you’re blue in the face, but that doesn’t change that you have 100 unwanted pounds right now. You can shout it from the rooftops that you will be a millionaire this year, but I don’t buy it until you show me. Chances are, you have maybe lost hope already for the simple fact that you have applied no action. YET. (there is still time)

There is still time for your goal.

Forgive yourself if you gave up already. At least 97% of Americans already have. (I made that up, but really it’s okay.)

Sometimes, we are all guilty of wishing. Our generation has the gift of vision. It is so strong and so absolutely ginormous that we can envision anything. We can see our dreams and goals all coming to fruition. Easily!

We focus so hard on the “what” that we, sometimes, forget about the “how”.

And the “how” is the most important part of your goal.

We wish and we hope and we believe. We see our dreams coming true in our vision. And when our dreams do not come true, it’s like waiting for your cousin’s lame magic trick to happen. It just doesn’t. Without action, it just doesn’t.

Make it happen.

So, how exactly do we put these dreams and goals into an actionable and realistic plan to achieve our dreams?

Break it down. Make baby goals, then toddler goals, then big giant goals! Let me show you.

You’re going to have to get visual and you’re going to have to be serious. If you ever lose sleep over your goal or cry about it, it is time to sit yourself down for some #truth. Seriously. We all need a kick in the ass, even from our own self sometimes! And give yourself a pat on the back for that, because it is not easy to do.

Download your free goal template here: dream-and-achieve-2017

Sample template! Start with your goal. Then think about what would have to happen consistently every month for you to stay on track. Take note of things you might want to pick up as habits to get you into momentum.  When you have a rough day, your why will remind you of why you’re going to keep going.

Hold yourself accountable and if you miss a monthly goal or you fall back, reflect on that. Did you lose sight of the goal? Did other parts of your life take priority? Whatever the case, it’s okay. Forgive yourself. Love yourself enough to keep on going.

A goal is something you can measure numerically. Did you make a million dollars? Yes. Yes, I sure did. Are you the greatest blogger ever now? Well, uh. Maybe?

See how we can tell who achieved a goal for certain? Maybe you have improved, but you want to be able to measure it to keep track of your achievements along the way to the big goal.

Baby step reminders + self love.  

My biggest tip of all is do not write your goals all over your house. You heard me correctly. Do not write the goal all over. Why not? Because you don’t need reminding of your goal. The goal is a given. You need to be reminded of those baby steps. You need to be reminded of the “how”.

Instead, think of what you need to remind yourself of. Do you need to remind yourself to laugh more? To enjoy your family and friends more? To put the pale of ice cream back in the freezer aisle? You need little reminders of how to reach your goals, not the goal itself.

What are you thankful for today?
Fuel your body! (ice cream does not equal fuel)

If all we do it talk about the goal, our brain goes, “dude. Are you serious? You just drank wine for dinner.” But if we are reminding our brain and reminding ourselves of our baby steps, then our brain says, “You totally just drank wine for dinner, but you read your book for 20 minutes like you said before, so you are killin’ it girl!” We see our achievements and we see our baby steps. The belief that the goal is possible becomes real.

We know we can do it. It doesn’t matter if no one believes in you.

The only person you need to convince, is you.

Kylie Feltes


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