The Dream Closet University students attending Minnesota State University, Mankato and Winona State University are the epitome of bosses. They have gone above and beyond with event planning this season.

What can they say? They just love people.

The Events

Shopping events are 100% free to the community, and there is no prerequisite to attend these events. The entire community is welcome to shop from an unlimited stock of gently used clothing donated by the community. It’s just a like a big happy Circle Of Life, but with really nice clothes. Everybody wins!

Even though the clothing is the main event – these ladies have some extras up their sleeves.

More Than Just Clothing

“I am excited that we are putting together bags full of towels, toothbrushes and other necessary products that everyone should own” – says campus leader Gabby Ingebrand (Winona State University). Guests at the Winona event will walk away with a new wardrobe of their choice and a swag bag of toiletries (while supplies last). How cool is that?

And if you’re concerned about what kind of clothing selection is available at the event, campus leader Mikayla McDonough (Minnesota State University, Mankato) assures there will be plenty. “I honestly think we are going to have more clothes than ever before and I can’t wait,” – she says. You need not worry!

So, if you are planning on attending – get ready for a great day.

It is highly suggested that if you are a guest attending, you arrive early. The only things students asks of guests is to be respectful and kind to other guests and their staff.

Stay in Touch

Whether you want to do some Spring cleaning and donate, attend the event, or just follow these girls – check out their Facebook pages. Trust me, you won’t regret following them.



And now for what you have been waiting for. The event dates! Mark your calendars because this is going to be something special.

Mankato Event Date
Winona Event Date



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